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'The Butterfly Circus' - great video to watch

Have you seen this extraordinary short film (just 20 mins) - winner of over 35 film festival awards?

Set in the landscape of the American Great Depression, it follows the story of a limbless man (played by Nick Vujicic - also a fantastic motivational speaker) who lives as part of a travelling circus troupe. He sees himself as a freak, but his new circus master (Eduardo Verastegui) helps him find his place in the show and in life, not because of his appearance but because of who he discovers himself to be and what he can do. Written and directed by Joshua and Rebekah Weigel, the story is one of human transformation and hope, against all the odds. It is a magical exploration of how pain and suffering can be transfigured in the catalyst of growing self-belief, born of the accepting love of others: the butterfly arising out of the cocoon of love.

Engaging and inspiring. Do take a look...

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