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Supervision for Spiritual Directors

Supervision offers those who work as spiritual directors a safe space in which to reflect on their practice and be accountable, all in order to grow and be of greater service to their directees. It is an encouraging, freeing place where you can uncover and go deeper into your own interior process and identify issues that may be impeding your capacity to be present to others. And also, of course, to share the deep joys of your work.


Supervision offers :


  • Confidentiality for you and anonymity for your directees

  • Growth in insight and professionalism

  • Encouragement and support

  • Development of self-understanding

  • Identifying and clarifying issues of transference & counter transference, noticing their source and thinking through ways forward

  • Space to bring issues of good practice that arise eg boundaries, referrals

  • A place to own and release feelings

  • Sharing of knowledge and insights


I take a contemplative approach, searching out with you how well you are holding the process for your directee, and asking what is stirring in you as you companion them? My desire is to help you grow in your gifting - in confidence and in skill.


I include two informative videos here from Spiritual Directors International discussing the value and importance of supervision in spiritual direction work.

What happens in supervision work?

All codes of professional practice recognise the essential need of having supervision in order to become a skilled and discerning spiritual director. I have trained in giving supervision specifically for spiritual direction work and currently offer 1:1 supervision. I also facilitate small local supervision groups.

Why is supervision important for a spiritual director?

If you would like to explore my offering you supervision in your work as a spiritual director/ accompanier do contact me.

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