Healing Spiritual Abuse & Church Hurt

Since my first article on spiritual abuse, I have been surprised and saddened by just how many people have contacted me who have experienced forms of spiritual abuse and church hurt. Yet, it is an issue that many still deny as being real in our church and faith communities; awareness is only beginning to dawn. And, as that level of awareness about spiritual abuse continues to grow, there will be increasing numbers of people who recognise themselves as being affected. In this article, and others to come, I will start to explore ways of working to bring healing to those suffering from the effects of spiritual abuse. But first, if you are someone who is struggling with this difficult issue, the

Working with our Shadow

In my earlier article on The Spiritual Life and our Shadow, I describe the Jungian under-standing of how we learn, from early childhood, to suppress aspects of ourselves deemed unacceptable to our culture and context. They remain in our ​unconscious and can dramatically influence our daily lives in unseen ways. As we grow up, we receive both subtle and overt messages (from our family, care-givers, peer group, school, religious community, wider society and so on) that certain things are acceptable or not. So, we learn to hide and suppress those aspects of ourselves that are deemed unacceptable or shameful in some way, so that we are loved and appreciated. The 'good girl' and 'good boy' ego-id

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