Psychological Ways We Can Undermine Our Spiritual Transformation

In my earlier article on Struggling with Prayer: A Psychological Perspective, I looked at ways we can unconsciously resist the change prayer can start to bring within us. In this article, I take a wider view to look at ways we can undermine or sabotage our spiritual transformation. It may, at first, seem a strange idea that we can in some unconscious way resist our transformation in Christ, which is what we consciously desire and proclaim. But growth is understanding what we have not yet been able to conceive, feeling what we have never felt, doing what we have never done before; it is daring what we have never dared. It may not, therefore, necessarily be pleasurable or comfortable. It oblig

Healing Our Distorted Images of God

In my earlier article on the Spiritual Life & Our Images of God I looked at how our inner images of God (as opposed to beliefs about God) can impact on our spiritual journey. These images often lay buried deep within us and, because our distorted images often begin to form early in life, we may not even be aware of them. Healing from these images requires that we look deep inside ourselves to expose them to the light. However, because they are often rooted in painful emotional experiences, identifying them and pursuing healing can be an emotionally challenging experience. Below, I suggest some ways to tap into these inner dimensions of our imaging of God. However, if you find these exercises

Wholeness & Our Unconscious

God calls us to wholeness, through self-transcendence, to embrace our true selves in God - our deepest Ground of Being. Richard Rohr (a contemporary Fransciscan monk and spiritual writer) expresses this as the journey from our False Self to our True Self. Jung understands it as the journey of individuation from the Ego to the Self. What increasingly interests me in my work, as a spiritual director and psychologist, is the role the unconscious plays in this journey. If, in the Christian tradition, we are called to 'love God with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind,' then our personal unconscious forms an important part of this. To become alive and whole we need to awaken within ourse

Praying with the Labyrinth

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The labyrinth represents a journey to our own centre and back out again into the world, so in a sense it is a continuous model of our life and spiritual path. Labyrinths have long been used for meditation and prayer, and are intriguing tools for working with, and understanding, our psychological and spiritual journey that can bring forth surprising new insights. Part of human history for more than 4000 years, labyrinths are found in almost every culture and every religious tradition around the world. They have likely always been used in a spi

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