Knowing God: Wholeness & Self-Knowledge

In our contemporary world, we understand that psychological growth and spiritual growth are intricately linked. A mature relationship with the divine demands, and is supported by, a striving for psychological wholeness. This has also long been understood by the great spiritual guides of the past. John Calvin in 1536 said: 'There is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of self, and no deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God.' And his contemporary from a very different theological stable, Teresa of Avila, also emphasised in her letters of spiritual guidance: 'For never, however exalted the soul may be, is anything more fitting than self-knowledge... without it everything el

Praying with the Imagination

Using imaginative prayer has been a treasured tradition in Christian prayer for centuries. It inspired Francis of Assisi in the 12th century to encourage people to create nativity scenes at Christmas to imagine the events and people. Aspects of its method can also be found in the 12th century writings of Anselm and Aelred Rievaulx, and it was a favoured method of prayer with Teresa of Avila. In the 16th century, Ignatius Loyola used imaginative prayer as the foundation of his well-known life-transforming spiritual prayer exercises still in popular use today. In our Western world, we tend to live in a rational, left-brain way, yet our human soul is fired by colour and imagination. Our minds a

Understanding Islam

Hans Küng, the noted Swiss Catholic theologian, once said, 'Until there is peace between religions there can be no peace in the world.' In our current world, where religious tensions seem so fraught, I have sought, as a Christian, to reflect on what Christ's demand to 'love my neighbour ' means in this context. Certainly, for me, loving my neighbour must encompass understanding, respecting and seeking the good of the other. I would hope that others would seek to properly understand my faith and, therefore, I need to offer others the same courtesy and respect. We hear so much of each other's faiths in the media, but I know, as discussed in my article on spiritual pathology, how easy it is for

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