Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse is a much under discussed subject that is sadly more prevalent in spiritual contexts, including mainstream religions, than is widely recognised. While physical forms of abuse are easy to condemn, much needs to be done to improve on recognising subtle emotional and psychological abuse. One definition of spiritual abuse is: 'the mistreatment of a person who is in need of help and support or increased spiritual empowerment with the result of weakening, undermining or decreasing that spiritual empowerment.'* It is a form of power-centred abuse that occurs within a spiritual context, ie a context where there is an experience of the sacred, where someone uses their power within tha

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is an ancient contemplative way to read short passages of sacred text and prayerfully let God speak through them into our lives. Its origins lie in the 5th century Benedictine and Cistercian monastic movements. It is very different to biblical study or praying with bible verses where the surface meaning of the text is to the fore. Literally meaning 'sacred reading', lectio divina is an active meditative kind of reading where we let God start the conversation. The passage chosen is read over once and then again slowly, pausing every now and again to savour or ‘suck like a boiled sweet’ those phrases or words which capture our attention or imagination. This is not an analytical o

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