Spiritual Life and Our Shadow

Carl Jung, a 19th century Swiss psychoanalyst whose work bridges the gap between psychology and spirituality, understood our Shadow to be where we hide all the bits of ourselves we think are shameful or primitive. It is that aspect of our nature that is cast into the unconscious and held there in the dark to protect our conscious life from what we feel may be unacceptable, either to ourselves or to others. As we bury these unwanted parts of ourselves, they gradually become blind spots held in the darkness through denial. It is important, however, to understand that the Shadow does not go away by repression and denial - by burying it in our depths. We may be spared conscious knowledge of it,

Contemporary Trends in Spiritual Direction

Today, around the world and across traditions, the ancient spiritual practice of meeting regularly with a spiritual director is growing and developing. Here, I explore 6 key contemporary trends based on my own experience, and drawing on recent comments by Liz Budd Ellmann (executive director of Spiritual Director's International)* and reflections from a recent Retreat Association conference of those across the UK involved in running training Courses in Spiritual Direction. 1. Technology makes spiritual direction more widely known and available The advent of the Internet has started to see a wonderful widening of knowledge and explosion of interest in the ministry of spiritual direction, whic

Spiritual Pathology

Spiritual pathology describes how we can distort and undermine our spiritual path and its practices, because of our own deep unresolved inner emotional wounds and issues. I have written in 'Spiritual Life and the Shadow' how part of our unconscious self - the Shadow - can influence us in often unrecognised ways. We can take this a step further to understand how it can also influence the way we view and distort our chosen spiritual path and its practice; the delusions we can create around our spiritual beliefs and practices to collude with our own, often unacknowledged, inner issues. Too often, then, our spirituality becomes simply another expression of our personal pathology. In today's worl

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