Living With Paradox

In our Western world many people suffer from an inability to live with paradox and contradiction. We have lost touch with paradoxical, mystical or contemplative thinking in an education system with its basis in formal laws of logic and linearity, which has an unfortunate tendency to reinforce either/ or dualistic thinking. The startling idea that truth can be multilayered, unpredictable and contradictory is generally not a part of our modern Western world. Yet many of our great Christian thinkers and saints (and those in other faiths too) point to the necessity of embracing paradox. It is positively written into Christian doctrine as a means of taking us beyond simplistic connections to God

The Wisdom of Imperfection

Rob Preece, a Buddhist spiritual mentor I am privileged to know, recently wrote a book entitled 'The Wisdom of Imperfection.' An excellent book understanding that, at heart, the spiritual journey involves encompassing all that we are, not a striving for a state of perfection, and encouraging us to have compassion on our vulnerability and fallibility as we travel our path. But this is not a new idea, although it is one we have great need of continually revisiting. In the Christian tradition, St Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897), in her 'Little Way,' understood that we don't come to God by eliminating our imperfection but by embracing it, because its gift is to make us more aware of our need of

The History of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is not a modern innovation but a very ancient and simple process of one person offering another spiritual guidance and counsel. In the Christian tradition this goes back to the Old Testament with Moses giving guidance to the Israelites in the desert and Eli helping Samuel in how to answer when God called. In the New Testament, Paul wrote letters of spiritual guidance to new groups of converts across the Roman Empire. In the 3rd, 4th and 5th Centuries this tradition continued with people coming out of the urban centres looking for a 'word,' to convey some wisdom to guide them in their life, from the Desert Mothers and Fathers who had taken to the deserts around Mount Sinai

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