Spiritual Direction or Counselling?

Are you wondering what the similarities and differences are between counselling or therapy, and spiritual direction? After all, they both use many of the same active listening skills in working with people. Both offer a safe and supportive space for the person to talk about their lives. Indeed, they both can cover very similar ground in that in spiritual direction the person can share anything from their life experience that is with them at this time, not just their prayer or sacramental life. For both there may also be a sense of 'wholeness' as being the aim of the process. However, at their heart, there are some important differences that may help you understand the distinctions: This tabl

Going on Retreat

Retreats are times of renewal and refreshment, time to slow down and go deeper to connect with what is truly important to you in life; a time to listen inwardly. Life these days can be a whirlwind of activity. We can become so caught up in our everyday 'doing' that pausing and reflecting, taking time just to 'be', can be a very deepening and centering experience, refreshing our weary stressed body, mind and soul. We can regain a sense of personal balance and integrity. For those that follow a spiritual path, retreats are also times to relax, deepen our spiritual practice and to think about our lives and our relationship with God; time to be inwardly quiet and receptive to the Spirit. Slowing

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